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    Benson Oluwasina

    Real Estate Agent

    Dream Maker Realty Inc., Brokerage

    The Clear View Method: Transition to your Next Home with Ease

    My Clear View Method: Transition to your Next Home with Ease

    Ever since I was a kid, I’ve always been quite industrious, trying to make something out of nothing, and seeking creative ways to achieving things that I wanted. I never stopped till I got what I wanted. I wanted a pair of shoes that I couldn’t afford, so I sold some snacks to people in my neighbourhood in order for me to acquire them.

    This resilient attitude of mine is how I was able to immigrate to Canada from Nigeria, despite the challenges. It’s always pushed me to get well established and set a good foundation for my generations to come.

    My parents knew what needed to be done, but making the decision to upsize was hard and financially, it was a stretch, which brought so much tension into the house. There was no privacy in our home, it was a small space for our growing family. There was no place to escape or to be on our own.

    Finding the right home is personal for me. I remember how excited I was when my parents bought a family house that met all our needs - we finally had a place that ticked all the boxes. It didn’t just give us more space, it changed how we operated as a family.

    When I moved to Canada, I knew that I wanted to create that same stability that had been so important for me and my own family, and that I wanted to help others make smart purchases that would improve their quality of life.

    While I was getting my license, a close friend of mine was in the process of buying a house… he met with a realtor who encouraged him to make an offer without doing his due diligence.  As a result, my friend couldn’t close on his dream house and he lost over $15,000 of initial deposit to the seller.

    I was quite upset for my friend - the whole incident drained him psychologically and financially. All the realtor needed to do was to paint a clear view of what the whole process would be like from the onset, and have his client’s best interest at heart, as opposed to just rushing the process and not watching properly for potential obstacles.

    Having watched both the best (in the case of my parents) and the worst (with my friend) happen, I’m well aware of the stress and undue pressure that moving causes. But staying in a home that doesn’t fit your needs can end up being much, much worse. Your home is the greatest investment you ever make, not just in your equity, but in your emotional and mental wellness.

    That’s why, with My Clear View Method, my goal is to help my clients feel at ease from their first meeting with me, knowing that they have a Realtor who is goal driven, resilient and relentless to get the deal done with their best interests in mind.

    Segun Oloyede

    Aug 24th, 2021

    We have been ready to purchase a home for over six months, but at every point, everything seems difficult. I was introduced to Mr Benson by a Referal and from there onwards every dots started connecting. The process became easier from each stage to another. We connected on every level and he ensured that he was with us on our journey of purchasing a home. Every questions we asked were answered with details and communicated effectively.

    He is a great professional and he truly understands want he does. With your help, we are now a homeowner. Thank you so much.

    SOSegun Oloyede

    Chukwalasu Kifa

    Jan 9th, 2019

    Benson the realtor is a dedicated realtor that strives to get exactly what his client is looking for ! He made the process easy all the way despite my constant pressures on him . 
    He is a master in the real estate game ! Thanks for all the helps! Blessings

    CKChukwalasu Kifa

    Junior Durham

    Jan 9th, 2019

    Professional with a personality! I had an outstanding experience as a first time home buyer. Benson Oluwasina made me and my family comfortable throughout the entire buying process with his efficiency, knowledge, and honesty. Benson explained pros and cons of each house that we were interested in. Thanks for the great service, we couldn't ask for more! I would highly recommend Benson Oluwasina to anyone, especially if this is your first experience purchasing a home.

    JDJunior Durham

    Olatunde Otegbeye

    Jan 6th, 2020

    When I wanted to purchase a property. I was very particular about the type of house I wanted and the features and details the house must have. It wasn’t an easy task getting everything in one place but Benson went above and beyond to ensure all the boxes were ticked and he was patient and understanding throughout the entire process.

    I definitely would recommend him to anyone willing to purchase a property.

    OOOlatunde Otegbeye

    Ighodalo Aimienwanu

    Jan 9th, 2019

    A few thoughts on working with you. I appreciated the professionalism, accessibility (almost any time of the day), humility, strong client focus, relationship (as opposed to transactional) focus and trust. At a time when it looked like it would not happen, you came in at just the right time.

    We are now homeowners in the rapidly growing city of Milton. Keep up the good work!

    IAIghodalo Aimienwanu

    John Oketunji

    Aug 11th, 2021

    Working with Benson was an awesome journey right from the first call as myself and my wife were able to connect with him and trust him with our housing needs after that call. Benson went above and beyond to ensure we got the right house and also get our deal done. He was always punctual to showings even when he had to drive a long way to get there and advised us rightly based on his expertise. His number will surely be on my speed dial when next we are looking to buy a new property and will definitely recommend Benson to friends and family.

    JOJohn Oketunji

    Akinniyi Ojo

    Nov 25th, 2020

    Our experience with Benson has been like flying first class, even better, like flying on a private jet with VIP treatment. From our first consultation with him, we had a good feeling about him and were treated like friends. He has a wealth of knowledge of the real estate market in the areas we were interested in, explained the whole home buying process to us, and answered all questions we had. He was available at almost all times of the day to take our calls and he was ready at the drop of a hat to visit any property we were interested in. He was very open about the pros and cons of each property we were considering. Finally, he followed up with us after the purchase to make sure that the house was to our expectations and there were no problems.

    Our family is grateful to Benson for walking with us through this process and would recommend him 10 out of 10 times.

    In addition, Benson's negotiation skills are top-notch; He really worked for us to get the best deal based on our budget and preferences.

    He offered us a complete end-to-end package, providing us good references for an inspector and a lawyer to close the deal, which made the experience effortless for us.

    AOAkinniyi Ojo

    Paul Omayo

    Jan 29th, 2019

    We just bought our new home and can't thank Mr. Benson enough for all his help.
    As first time home buyers, my wife and I were not very much conversant with the real estate market and Mr. Benson with his fast knowledge in the real estate market guided us through every step and most importantly, he made sure that we took our time to figure out the type of property we wanted rather than rushing to get something which we'll later come to regret. 
    with his fast knowledge, patience and understanding, we were able to visit numerous properties of interest and he was always open minded in sharing his opinions with us on the same.
    As of now, we are very much happy and at peace with the house we just acquired through him.
    Anytime we decide to purchase another property, Mr. Benson will always be our first choice for realtor and we'll always recommend him to anyone who's looking for a property to purchase 
    Once again thank you Mr. Benson for your professionalism and being one of the best realtors, God bless you always!

    POPaul Omayo

    Asemobo O

    Nov 25th, 2020

    It was such a huge relief for me while buying my first home. Benson was such a soft talker and good at what he does best” getting the work done”.

    My first appointment with him shows no doubt that I was on a right track with Benson, from his professionalism, he assured me that my dream home was just around the corner.

    From going above and beyond, he went ahead to get me a good deal and we finalize all needed actions and close successfully.

    I am elated and would certainly commit to a future investment home through him and also, I will definitely refer him to my friends and colleagues who are looking toward buying their home.

    Thank You once more, Benson! :)

    AOAsemobo O

    Temmy A

    Feb 26th, 2020

    Working with you on the purchase of our new home was awesome, even in the face of the deepest ocean along the line, you were kin on getting positive results in line with our desired dream home. Thanks for your support, understanding, and display of professionalism. We will surely recommend your service any day at any time. Thank you. T & T

    TATemmy A




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